Operations Management

Dr.Dilip D copy

Dr. D. Dilip

Assistant Professor & Area Chair

Operations Management

Dr. D. Dilip is an experienced educator with over 20 years of teaching expertise in management education. His dedication to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment has made him a respected figure in the education field. He has consistently demonstrated a commitment in producing impactful and innovative research that has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in his field. He possesses a strong aptitude in data analytics and has a genuine passion for working with data. He skillfully integrates data-driven approaches into his teaching, research and problem-solving methodologies, enriching the learning experiences of his postgraduate students. Having successfully guided 2 PhD scholars and delivered over 100 guest lecturers in the field of statistics.


B.Sc. - Statistics - PSG College of Arts and Science ( 2001)


1. M.Sc. - Statistics - PSG College of Arts and Science - 2003

2. MPhil - Statistics - Bharathidasan University -2005

3. MBA - Periyar University -2008

4. M.Sc. - Mathematics -Alagappa University 2018


PhD- Marketing Research - Bharathiar University (2018)

Market Research, Predictive Analytics in supply chain Management, Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain Analytics and Demand forecasting, Simulation Modeling for Decision Making.