Patents (Published/Granted)

  1. Subashini R, Velmurugan G, Giri Raj J, Paul D. (March 2022) ‘Effect of adequate staff welfare package on worker Productivity’ (Application No.202241007996 A ; DoP: 25.02.2022; Journal No.08/2022; Part-1; pg.399-11001)  Click here
  2. Kushwaha B., Analysis on job satisfaction in sales team of bank sectors. Application No. 202241038456 A, published on 22/07/2022.
  3. Afjal M., The patent titled “Ring to Indicate Unhygienic Hand” (Design Number: 366308-001), issued on April 12, 2023. This innovative design, classified under patent class 10-05, is certified by the Government of India Patent Office.
  4. A.Vasumathi – Patent published on “Drones for Smart Farming”, 31.07.2020, Application Number: 202041031483