Mr. Sankar Viswanathan

Vice - President

Mr. Sankar Viswanathan, Vice President was born on 13th April 1966. He completed his Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology, at Chisholm Institute, Melbourne, Australia.He has held honoured positions as the Chairman, and Vice-Chairman of Vellore Engineering College, Vellore before taking over charge as the Pro-Chancellor (Academic) at VIT. He has also served as the Secretary of the North Arcot Educational & Charitable Trust of Vellore.

He has always been a very proactive person and has played a key role in all the activities of the University. He has always evinced a keen involvement with the VIT family. He is an active member of the Board of Management, VIT and displays a keen interest in the affairs of the college and being a student friendly person is avidly interested in the academic progress of the students and staff.

He has travelled extensively and gained valuable experience from his tours to USA, Australia, Singapore, Italy, China, Greece, Malaysia, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Syria and Rwanda. He is an active member of the Australian engineers Association in Melbourne. His hobbies include playing tennis, cricket, cooking and surfing the net.

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Mr. Sankar Viswanathan
Vice - President,