Organization Behaviour and HRM

Sowmya G

Dr. Sowmya G

Assistant Professor

Organization Behaviour and HRM

Dr. Sowmya G. is a dedicated academic with two years of experience, specializing in technology adoption, talent management, multigenerational differences, and sustainable development. With a strong research background, she has authored five Scopus indexed articles and two book chapters (Scopus & Taylor and Francis). Her contributions include three articles in ABDC-A category and one in B category. Dr. Sowmya is passionate about teaching and excels in fostering positive relationships with students. Additionally, she possesses expertise in SPSS, AMOS, and Process Macros, enhancing her capabilities in research and analysis.


Bachelor of Commerce- Calicut University (2013)


Master of Commerce- Calicut University (2015), Master of Business Administration - Bharathiar University (2016)


Ph.D - Talent Management- Bharathiar University (2022)

Talent management, technology adoption, multigenerational differences, sustainable development
UGC- Junior Research Fellowship in Commerce
Research papers:
  • G, S., Chakraborty, D., Polisetty, A., & Jain, R. K. (2024). Exploring the adoption patterns of matrimonial apps: An analysis of user gratifications. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 78, 103731.

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  • Polisetty, A., Sowmya, G., & Pahari, S. (2023). Streaming towards innovation: Understanding consumer adoption of OTT services through IRT and TAM. Cogent Business & Management, 10(3), 2283917.

  • Aruna Polisetty , Sowmya G. , Bindu Madhavi , Rimjhim Jha (2023). Validating Consumer-Centric Approaches in Attaining Ecological Sustainability. Environment and Ecology Research, 11(1), 183 – 194. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110113.

  • Book chapter:
  • Sowmya, G., Polisetty, A., & Dash, G. (2024). 9 Leveraging Intelligence Artificial for Talent Management. Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Applications for Industrial Sustainability: Concepts and Practical Examples, 124.

  • Sowmya, G., & Polisetty, A. (2023). Chapter 10 – Smart practices in green supply chain management using blockchain technology. In S. Krishnan, R. Kumar, & V. E.Balas (Eds.), Green Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Smart Cities (pp. 217–235). Elsevier. 5.00009-8