Organization Behaviour and HRM


Dr. P.G.Suraj

Assistant Professor

Organization Behaviour and HRM

Dr. Suraj P G is an accomplished academician with a passion for teaching, research, and community engagement. His multifaceted career includes roles as a club coordinator, placement officer and member in Board of Studies. With more than fifteen years of expertise in the education career, he has acted as resources person for faculty development programs and administrated various workshops and seminars. His teaching areas include Business Law, HR and Analytics. And his research contribution includes publication in national and international journals. He is passionate for research topics related to human resources and data-driven insights.


B.Sc - Bharathiar University (2001)


MBA - Bharathiar University (2004)


PhD - Human Resource Management - Bharathiar University (2021)

Training and Development
Best Faculty Award 2023 – IARA
  • Indrajit Goswami, Hamida, A. G. B., Murthy, Y. S., Gopal, S. P., & Kumar, J. A. (2023). Effective Role of Human Resource Management Policies Within Marketing Organization: The Impact on Business and Marketing Strategy Implementation. International Journal of Professional Business Review, 8(7), e0997.

  • Suraj, P. G., & Bharathi, C. K. (2020). The Socio-Demographic Factors and the Professional Development of College Teachers: An Empirical Analysis. Solid State Technology, 63(2s).

  • Gopalakrishnan, L., Kavipragash, R., & Suraj, P. G. (2022). Impact of Gender on Personal Values of Gen Z–An Opportunity Post Covid-19. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 7110-7117.

  • SURAJ, P. (2018). TEACHER’S PREFERENCES TOWARDS HIGHER EDUCATION TEACHING–A TOOL FOR CPD. Shanlax International Journal of Management, 5(3), 1-4.