Finance Accounts and Economics Division


Dr. Thayyib PV

Assistant Professor

Finance, Accounts and Economics Division

Dr. Thayyib is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance at VITBS, where he orchestrates a seamless blend of erudition and practice. Armed with a multifaceted background, he wields a comprehensive proficiency in financial accounting, financial management, corporate taxes, financial analytics & modelling, and fintech. Using his industrial experience, he enriches academic discourse through a strategic merger of theoretical depth and industrial insights. Dr. Thayyib’s teachings incorporate simulations and case-based pedagogy, culminating in a hands-on learning trajectory that resonates with aspiring financial leaders. His key research orbits around corporate tax avoidance and emerging technologies in accounting and finance.


B.Com (Finance) - Kannur University (2012)


M.Com. (Finance) - Kannur University (2014); MBA (Finance) - Pondicherry University (2016)


PhD - Corporate Tax Avoidance - Aligarh Muslim University (2022)

Corporate Tax Avoidance; Multi-jurisdictional Tax Planning; Emerging Technologies in Accounting; Agile Accountants
  • UGC – JRF (Commerce)
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  • Thayyib, P. V., Anwar, I., MM, S., Yasin, N., & Thabit Yahya, A. (2024). Brand expertise, impulsiveness and materialism aggravate unhealthy food products buying among young adults despite pricing and sin tax interventions. Cogent Business & Management, 11(1), 2296147.

  • Thayyib, P. V., Thorakkattle, M. N., Usmani, F., Yahya, A. T., & Farhan, N. H. (2023). Forecasting Indian Goods and Services Tax revenue using TBATS, ETS, Neural Networks, and hybrid time series models. Cogent Economics & Finance, 11(2), 2285649.

  • Thayyib, P. V., Mamilla, R., Khan, M., Fatima, H., Asim, M., Anwar, I., … & Khan, M. A. (2023). State-of-the-Art of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Reviews in Five Different Domains: A Bibliometric Summary. Sustainability, 15(5), 4026.

  • Thayyib, P. V., & Khan, M. A. (2021). Do demographics influence workforce agility score of tax professionals in Bangalore, India?. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 40(4), 34-49.