Finance Accounts and Economics Division

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Dr. Mohd Afjal

Assistant Professor

Finance, Accounts and Economics Division

Dr. Mohd Afjal, an esteemed academic at VIT Business School, possesses over 5 years of prolific experience in both teaching and research. As an Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), he has an expansive knowledge of subjects such as Financial Management, Security Analysis, Financial Derivatives, Managerial Economics and more. Dr. Afjal’s impressive educational journey comprises a PhD in Economics, MBA in Financial Management, and various other qualifications. He boasts UGC-NET certifications in Commerce and Economics, and has made significant research contributions with over 10 ABDC/SCOPUS/UGC CARE publications, alongside authoring 2 book chapters. Furthermore, he’s presented his work at over 15 international conferences. His research focus includes Corporate Finance, Behavioural Finance, and Financial Econometrics. Skilled in tools like STATA, EViews, and R Programming, he continually elevates the academic realm with his insights.


B.A (Hons) - Aligarh Muslim University


MBA, PGDM - Aligarh Muslim University


PhD- Aligarh Muslim University

Sustainable Finance; Corporate finance and Behavioural Finance; Blockchain and FinTech; Energy Economics; Financial Econometrics; Benchmarking and Frontier Analysis
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  • Afjal, M., Kathiravan, C., Dana, L. P., & Nagarajan, C. D. (2023). The dynamic impact of financial technology and energy consumption on environmental sustainability. Sustainability, 15, 9327.
  • Afjal, M., Salamzadeh A., and Dana, L.P. (2023). "Financial Fraud and Credit Risk: Illicit Practices and Their Impact on Banking Stability" Journal of Risk and Financial Management 16, no. 9: 386.
  • Afjal, M. (2023). Mohd Afjal (2023) The tapestry of green economics: mapping the nexus of CO2 emissions, economic growth, and renewable energy, International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 42:1, 1364-1390, DOI: 10.1080/14786451.2023.2268853
  • Afjal, M. (2023). ChatGPT and the AI Revolution: A Comprehensive Investigation of its Multidimensional Impact and Potential. Library Hi Tech. 2023-0322