Finance Accounts and Economics Division


Dr. Kathiravan C

Assistant Professor

Finance, Accounts and Economics Division

Dr. Chinnadurai Kathiravan earned his Ph.D. in Finance from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli. His teaching interest are in the area of Financial and Management Accounting, Financial Management, Fintech and Financial Markets. He has a passion for Research and his research papers were published in SCI & SSCI, ABDC, ABS and SCOPUS indexed journals. His Google scholar citations stand at 342 (h-index: 13 and i10-index: 15) and currently associated with PLOS ONE Journal as an Academic editor. He has participated IIMA Doctoral Scholars’ School 2019 (DSS’19) at IIM Ahmadabad. Dr Kathiravan reviewed papers from ABDC and SCOPUS indexed journals and conferences to advance his professional development.


B. Com- Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli (2013)


MBA- Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli (2015)


PhD (Finance)- Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli (2021)

Finance and Accounting, Climate Finance, Capital Market, Energy Economics, Climate Change Governance
  • Amity Excellence Award for “Best Research Scholar in the area of Behavioural Finance”, Instituted by Amity Directorate of Management & Allied Areas (ADMAA), Amity University.
  • Expert in Financing for Inclusive Development-UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab.
  • Advisor-Mendeley Reference Management, Elsevier UK
  • Diploma of Membership for Ph. D Council-The Institut de Diplomatie Publique, UK
  • Academy Mentor – Web of Science Academy
  • Certified Peer Reviewer-Web of Science Academy
  • Certified Peer Reviewer-Researcher Academy, Elsevier

Editorial services

  • Academic Editor-PLOS ONE (IF: 3.752, SCIE and Scopus indexed)
  • Reviewer- Scientific Reports (NATURE PORTFOLIO)
  • Reviewer-Electronic Commerce Research (Springer, SCOPUS & ABDC-A)
  • Reviewer-Finance Research Letters (Elsevier, SCOPUS & ABDC-A)
  • Reviewer-Applied Economics (Taylor & Francis, SCOPUS & ABDC-A)
  • Reviewer-Cogent Business & Management (Taylor & Francis, SCOPUS & ABDC-B)
  • Reviewer-International Journal of Social Economics (Emerald, SCOPUS & ABDC-C)
  • Reviewer-Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (Springer, SCOPUS & ABDC-C)
  • Reviewer-Global Business Review (SAGE & SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-FIIB Business Review (SAGE & SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-Journal of Psychosomatic Research (Elsevier & SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management (Springer & SCOPUS)
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer & SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-Heliyon (Elsevier & SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-International Journal for Quality Research (SCOPUS)
  • Reviewer-BMJ Open Quality (SCOPUS)
  • Kathiravan, C., Selvam, M., Venkateswar, S., & Balakrishnan, S. (2019). Investor behavior and weather factors: evidence from the Asian region. Annals of Operations Research, 1-25. (SCI, ABDC- A, ABS-3 & Impact Factor: 4.8)

  • Kathiravan, C., Selvam, M., Kannaiah, D., Lingaraja, K., & Thanikachalam, V. (2019). On the relationship between weather and Agricultural Commodity Index in India: a study with reference to Dhaanya of NCDEX. Quality & Quantity, 53(2), 667-683. (SSCI, & ABDC- B)

  • Kathiravan, C., Selvam, M., Maniam, B., & Venkateswar, S. & Sigo, M. O. (2020). Does temperature influence the carbon index? Evidences from India. J Public Affairs. (ABDC-B)

  • Kathiravan, C., Selvam, M., Maniam, B., & Dharani, M. (2021). Effect of weather on stock market: A literature review and research agenda. Cogent Economics & Finance, 9(1), 1971353. (ABDC-B)

  • Kathiravan, C., Selvam, M., Maniam, B., & Venkateswar, S. (2019). Relationship between Crude Oil Price Changes and Airlines Stock Price: The Case of Indian Aviation Industry. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 9(5), 7. (Q-2 & ABDC-C)