Deans Message

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the VIT Business School! You are about to commence an important journey in your life and we are looking forward to being a part of it and contributing to your success.

In order to achieve our VIT Business School mission statement, we must work smart, be a sport, and have an open mind to learn whatever is taught to you by our faculty members in MBA/BBA program, attend all the classes thoughtfully, take tests and examinations on schedule and develop some working knowledge, skills and languages. “Working knowledge” means knowledge of Management which you can put into practice. ‘Working Skills’ means you must be able to ‘work’ on business related Technologies, develop business models, get exposure to functional disciplines to make higher order required skills in the fields of Securities or Commodities exchanges, Retail business, Sell a Product or Service, Business supportive Software’s like Tally ERP, Supply Chain Management or SAP, Export-Import documentation, set up web portals, etc., to qualify just be ready to do anything for your profession/ business in our highly competitive, globalizing business world.

We are providing the world class environment on par to many western Universities. We demonstrate our strength and opportunities in teaching, learning and training our students to become ready professionals both in terms of placement and self employment.

Professor and Dean - VITBS