Business Education imparts knowledge, skills and attitudes required for business managers. Business skills are essential for budding managers, as these skills enable repeated testing and practice for ensuring success. Every skill, with practice, becomes a handy tool for faster decision making. This happens when repeated skill training and usage helps with storing the routines in subconscious memory. The ease of skill application by experienced managers is mainly due to repeated practice and experience. VIT Business School imparts prospective managers with business skills that help them in their careers. VITBS students get ample opportunities for honing business skills in the curriculum and through extracurricular activities. The VIT business school education is in tune with the Skill India initiative of the Government of India, which focuses on increasing employability quotient and consequently developing employable managers. While government efforts are targeted at lower order employability skills, VIT Business School targets the higher order skills that help in management. Managerial skills get better with a systematic learning structure rather than by trial and error. Therefore, our business school has a rigorous learning process that trains students in acquiring better managerial skills. Educated in an ambience of academic rigour and fun-filled co-curricular activities, our business school students are business ready managers. Our illustrious alumni have always been our proud ambassadors. They have been making their indelible marks of quality and integrity, in multinational companies, social enterprises and academic Institutions to the utmost satisfaction of the employers. I wish the budding professionals aspiring to join VIT Business School success in all their endeavours. 

Dr. G. Viswanathan
Founder & Chancellor